Rebellion-Williams Team Wins Virtual 24H Le Mans

I know! Don’t get tricked with the title! It is not the actual 24 Hours Le Mans prime event. Rather, it is the virtual 24H Le Mans which can give you a big picture about the digital predictions of the upcoming event.

Rebellion-Williams Team Wins Virtual 24H Le Mans

In this virtual event, the Rebellion-Williams team beats ByKolles.

The Rebellion Williams Esport team members are Raffaele Marciello, Louis Deletraz, Kuba Brzezinski, and Nikodem Wisniewski.

This team consists of two real race car drivers and two professional sim racers. In the virtual event, they finished 17.7 seconds ahead of the ByKolles Burst Esport Crew which consists of Tom Dillmann, Esteban Guerrieri, Jesper Pedersen, and Jernej Simoncic.

The team completed the top three. Back then ByKolles was the third going to the final round. Meanwhile, the Rebellion teams teamed up to maintain the streamlines in the first and second to get the advantages.

Romanidis was tailed by Simoncic until tripped up at the Dunlop chicane. Then Romandis made the run down to Kink. But then Simoncic pulled off a brave move down the inside at the porsche curves.

Thanks to the struggles at the back, Wisniewski was able to take the opportunities to maintain his position without significant threats from the competition.

Back then the #1 ORECA 07-Gibson advanced down the grid. But then they made their way up towards the front of the grid because many competitors were having some troubles.

4 ByKolles showcased Polesitter Tom Dillman to take the start. But it got a penalty in the opening hour due to the jumpstart. Because of this E-Team WRT ORECA was on the lead.

But then Kelvin van der Linde in the WRT ORECA lost his chance because of a technical disconnection issue. In this case, Kelvin van der Linde was not the only one to suffer from disconnect. There are some folks like Fernando Alonso from FA/RB Allinsports, and others. Alonso got penalty for hitting Simona de Silvestro from #94 Porsche 911 RSR.

Due to the server issues, the race was red flagged at the end of the seventh hour. And then the racers got back to their own position.

In the Sunday Morning, Rebellion Williams Esports crew seized the lead at the front. At this point, they faced the real challenge from ByKolles crew on Sunday Morning.

All congratulations go to the Rebellion Williams Esports crew and their fans. For those who don’t win, we appreciate their efforts and participation. Although it is not a real thing, it has been keeping the hypes for all the 24 Hours Le Mans Race avid fans around the globe.

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